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Sugar-plum Top Popper

Sugar-plum Top Popper

Lollipop Top Popper

The angel with one name, Venera is one of these models who belongs in a particular league of skinny and busty SCORE superstars; the same league as Valory Irene and Hitomi, and Merilyn Sakova.

Hailing from different parts of the world, their incredible, skinny and big breasted naturalness is the common ground they tread. Weird DNA is the genetic blessing nature has bestowed.

Super-slim and sexy with a lovely personality, Venera doesn’t hold everything back as a model. That babe wanted to be a adult model who buffed out absolutely, not just a bikini and lingerie glamour model.

“Sexy isn’t something you can wear or paint or drive,” Venera makes almost certainly of. “Sexy for me is when you feel comfortable in your own skin.”

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Big-titted Tammy Jean and her huge toy

Giant titted Tammy Jean and her monumental toy

Big-titted Tammy Jean and her astronomical toy

From the Czech Republic, where being a sexy, randy, sexy woman is in the genes, comes Tammy Jean. She’s a 44-year-old divorcee and Mother of two. She’s too a camgirl. And now she’s showing off her bigger than standard pantoons and fuckable body for all the world to see.

These scoops, by the way, are DD-cup naturals, and Tammy Jean loves to suck on them. She is very worthwhile at that. In those photos, that babe too shags her pointer sisters and twat with a colossal, darksome vibrator, and when we say big, we mean BIGGER IN SIZE THAN AVERAGE.

Oh, and another thing: Tammy Jean is a nurse, and u know how much we like nurses. In the history of The SCORE Group, more models have been nurses than any other profession.

“I’m too a swinger,” Tammy Jean told us. “I had my 1st swinging experience 10 years agone. It was a a gang bang. I loved it.”

Tammy loves having multiple partners. Later this week, she’s intend to engulf and fuck two men and invite ’em to fuck her love tunnel and dark hole at the same time for the first time. How many times has a Fourty something female been DP’d in her very 1st scene? We do not think ever.

More about Tammy: This babe lives in Brno, a city in the Czechia. That babe has blue eyes and red hair. This babe enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. When we asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her here, doing this, that babe told, “No. They know me too well.”

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Let’s Play Doctor

Let’s Play Doctor

Let's Play Doctor

Have u ever been to a hot dentist? They’ll lean over your face, their hooters pressing against your chest or your face as your face hole is propped open with a plastic retainer. Then they’ll ask you questions that you can’t answer cuz your throat is propped open. It is atypical to be turned on and pissed off at the same time.

Still, we would go to the dentist each banging day if it meant that we could have some inappropriate touching with Jessie, a dental hygienist from Kansas. That babe also coaches angels basketball.

Jessie was raised mormon and then married for 10 years. She’s now rebelling against her upbringing and her ex spouse. Be sure to watch the whole movie when it posts tomorrow ‘coz there is an breathtaking pre-scene interview!

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Tammy Jean’s big tits and toy show

Tammy Jean’s bigger in size than standard melons and toy reveal

Tammy Jean's bigger in size than typical milk sacks and toy show

In her 1st episode at, 44-year-old divorcee and Mom Tammy Jean sucks on her DD-cup naturals and shags herself with a fake penis so large, we’ve to wonder how this babe got it inside her twat. But this babe did, and she deserves props for that, just as this babe merits props for what that babe is gonna do later this week: get DP’d by two hung men.

But let us stay focused on what’s happening today: red-haired Tammy Jean drooling all over her rock-hard nipples; Tammy Jean twerking her wazoo and proudly showing off her taut copulate holes; Tammy Jean wrapping her love bubbles around that bigger than standard, darksome screw toy and screwing her wet crack with it; Tammy Jean smiling wide after she is had a wonderful cum and we have watched.

This woman is definitely worth a jack or two. Or three or four or a dozen.

Tammy can’t live without “intelligent, hawt guys with bigger in size than run of the mill hearts and bigger than standard ramrods.”

She has 2 kids: a 17-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. They don’t know what Mommy is doing here.

That babe likes to suck pecker. She loves cum. “Sperm,” as this babe calls it. This babe proves that when that babe jacks the one and the other guys’ loads onto her face in Thursday’s Dual Penetration movie scene.

Ah, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves anew. There is plenty to enjoy in this movie.

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Rita Daniels’ first air-tight: the photos

Rita Daniels’ 1st air-tight: the pics

Rita Daniels' first air-tight: the photos

The scene you are about to see–photos of Rita Daniels‘ 1st ever air-tight fuckathon–started with an email from Rita to our studio manager. Wrote Rita:

“I’ve truly enjoyed working with The SCORE Group. I wanted to bring to your attention that in June, I turn 69 and will have been shooting for The SCORE Group for 10 years. It would be mind blowing if u would want to discharge me celebrating this memorable milestone.

“One thought is shooting an air-tight scene having three hawt young chaps filling me up to a birthday agonorgasmos! But whatever u select is always wonderful with me. It’s only a suggestion. Anew, thanks so much for a beautiful 10 years with the paramount out there.”

Solely a suggestion? Although we’ve shot many DOUBLE PENETRATION scenes, including 3 starring Rita, we had at no time shot an air-tight scene in the history of The SCORE Group. But Rita’s suggestion was one we had to action upon.

And so, more magnificant late than not at all (Rita turned 69 in June), here are the pix of Rita’s first-ever air-tight scene: one cock in her mouth, one dick in her love tunnel and another in her arse at the same time. The dudes are almost young enough to be her grandsons. One of them has a larger than average, dark jock. All 3 stuff her screw holes and cum all over this hot granny’s throat.

“I thought it was magnificant,” Rita told after she’d been thoroughly filled and glazed. “Stirling, Mike and Scotty were absolutely flawless. They screwed me so priceless, they were completely in-sync and I got to do anything in the scene that I was fantasizing about. The solely thing we didn’t do was having one cum on my cookie, one cum in my butt and one cum in my face hole. Instead, they all came all over my face and in my face hole. But it was actually worthy. I ate lots of cum and it was delightful.”

Glad birthday, Rita! And glad 10 years at and!

Movie scene the next day. It’s gonna be epic.

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A DP for Tammy Jean

A Dual Penetration for Tammy Jean

A Dual Penetration for Tammy Jean

Tammy Jean is an art teacher, but her students, Matt and Max, aren’t paying any attention to their artwork. They’re paying attention to the work of art that’s teacher’s body, mainly her large, corpulent knockers. They can not take their eyes off of them, and judging by the way she is clothed, Tammy doesn’t desire ’em to.

That babe gives them a better look by unbuttoning her top, and from that point on, it is pencils down, dicks up. Tammy goes back and forth engulfing their ramrods, then they take turns on her slit, and before lengthy, they’re double-stuffing the teacher, DPing her for all that babe is worth. She is worth a lot.

Tammy Jean is a 44-year-old divorcee and Mother from the Czechia, and this is her first bonk at It is a wonderful one. How many hotties acquire DP’d in their launch? Few. None that we know of. But Tammy gets what Tammy wants, and she wanted to be DP’d, so we gave her two of our almost all astounding. Not 2 of our utmost students. Two of our almost any awesome guys. They glaze her face until their cum is running down her chin and onto her wobblers. Yes, those titties are worth 2 large loads.

Tammy is from Brno. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and flirting. We’re guessing she is very fine at the latter. She usually doesn’t wear thongs. She’s a camgirl. She is too a nurse. We asked her if she’s ever had sex with a much-younger lady-killer, and she said, “Sure. Ten dudes.”

Why does that not surprise us?

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Abracadabra, baby!

Abracadabra, baby!

Abracadabra, baby!

Occupation: Magician’s assistant; Age: 29; Born: October 1; Ht: 5’8″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Everything lacy; Anal: Not my much loved; BJs: Swallow if you crave; Masturbate: Who doesn’t?

You might think that we’re shitting you when we say that she’s a magician’s assistant, but we promise we’re not. “I do a show with a 105-year-old female-dom. I need to squeeze into a diminutive, little box with her and then exchange places in below Thirty seconds. When I emerge, I play her younger, more-glamourous, beauty-queen self.” So much for not giving away the trick, Addie!

Unlike majority of the show-offs we feature in our mags, Addie isn’t an exhibitionist, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not adventurous. “I think a lot of public nudity is unfair to the people who do not wanna watch that shit. It is about respect. But if I’m with a lad and he wishes to fuck in front of his friends, I’ll give it a shot. The closest I ever got to public sex was when I drilled my aged spouse in a classroom. It kinda felt like a church ‘cuz I went to a intimate Christian university.”

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Rita Daniels’ first air-tight scene: the video

Rita Daniels’ 1st air-tight scene: the clip

Rita Daniels' first air-tight scene: the video

Rita Daniels is celebrating her 69th birthday and her 10th year with and, and she’s invited three men to her party. They’re all young, one of ’em has a bigger than run of the mill, dark-skinned penis, and they sing “Happy Birthday” to her. But this babe doesn’t wish cake.

“I think I acquire to put that on some of your weenies and engulf it up,” that babe says.

“I hope u like some meat with your cake,” one of the lads says.

Yep. Rita loves meat. Can’t live with out it, in fact: one in her mouth, one in her slit and one in her gazoo at the same time. Rita’s celebrating her 69th/10th with her first air-tight scene and the first air-tight scene we have ever shot.

“I am bringing 69 back,” that babe says.

Can u make no doubt of this hawt, hawt Mamma and grandmother will turn 70 next year?

“I say it and I can not wrap my mind around it,” Rita said. “I do not feel 70 and I don’t feel like I look 70. They say, at a certain age, babes just prevent caring about themselves and stop getting horny. I wonder what age that might be?”

For Rita, that age is definitely not 69.

“Oh, gosh, I don’t have an expiration date. There’s nowhere on my body where it says ‘Best if used by,’ so just keeping using me.”

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Teacher Tammy gets DP’d

Teacher Tammy acquires DP’d

Teacher Tammy acquires DP'd

In this scene, 44-year-old Tammy Jean is an art teacher, and she’s not an simple “A.” This teacher is tough! One of her students exposes up late, and that babe gives him the what-for and tells him to sit down. She’s walking around with a pointer, flicking it all over the place, but she has another pair of pointers: her greater than average bouncy bosoms.

Teacher Tammy is a redhead, and she’s definitely fiery. The truth is, this babe is not very worthy. That babe truly bosses these guys around. Then one of ’em draws a picture of her love melons. These students don’t know much, but they do know that they like teacher’s billibongs, which are actually popping with out her top. Admirable cleavage, Train. Then she unbuttons her top so they can watch more. And that is when Tammy loosens up and the fun begins. Turns out this babe is an facile “A”…if “A” is for gazoo.

The dudes engulf teacher’s juggs, then that babe sucks their dongs, kneeling in the centre, sucking one then the other. They fuck her wet crack and wazoo, and then they mount her for a rock hard Dual Penetration session. Yes, Tammy Jean is getting DP’d in her very 1st copulate at, and she ends up with a large load in her throat and on her face, leaking down her chin and onto her bumpers.

Tammy is from the Czech Republic. That babe is a nurse and a camgirl. She’s a divorcee and a Mother. This babe has sex at least twice a day, often with much-younger fellows. That babe is had sex in public places. This babe is a rising adult star. She definitely got a rise out of Matt and Max.

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