Rebecca Williams – Rebecca’s wild side

Rebecca’s wild side

Rebecca's wild side

“I like to watch football. The Oakland Raiders are my favourite team,” told Rebecca Williams, a 51-year-old wife and Mommy from Tampa, Florida.

There are many indications that a domina might have a wild side (banging on-camera, as Rebecca does, and being a swinger, as Rebecca has been since she was 20 years old are 2 of these indications), and rooting for the Raiders when u do not live in California is one of them. It indicates that Rebecca doesn’t play by the rules, that that babe likes bad boyz.

“I adore larger than average men and lickers,” she said.

The lad who bonks her in this scene is larger than run of the mill, cock-wise. He also licks. Certainly, Rebecca sucks…his jock, that’s. And She shags his 10-Pounder.

Rebecca loves younger studs. She’s had sex on a plane. She loves having sex whilst males observe and jack off. She can’t live without to eat cunt. She’ll take your jock up her a-hole if it isn’t too bigger than standard. And her idea of the consummate day is “a nice day at the beach followed by dinner and lap dancing and hawt sex.”

No sex on the beach, Rebecca?

“Hey, why not?”

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Abby Paradise – Workin’ one out

Workin’ one out

Workin' one out

Lives: Akron, Ohio; Occupation: Waitress; Age: 9teen; Born: August 10; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: Bring it! BJs: Like to swallow; Diddle: Not much.

Abby is back for a little workout. This babe did us the honor of screwing some hung studs on-camera a during the time that back and she couldn’t acquire enough of the attention. We’ve heard that posing and exotic dancing can be addictive, and we guess that Abby got hooked. Investigate her hot, teenage body and the way that babe fingers her own dark hole. Now that is one way to work up a sweat!

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Fleur Rose – British Rose

British Rose

British Rose

Fleur is absolutely unknown in North USA. SCORE used to film her in United Kingdom at our former studio in London. This lovely thing is half French and half English. Her face acquire to be the French part judging by the pouty throat and exotic almond eyes. Fleur’s big, pointy pointer sisters appear English.

When Fleur discharged this screw scene she was twenty-four and measured 42(36DD)-26-34. Her areolae are very prominent and she had precious trimmed slit hair. Fleur worked in an office all day in the marketing field and one time said that babe didn’t feel at all hawt at work. So Fleur became a nude glamour model and transitioned to hardcore sex flicks as a dirty little English bitch. She discharged under lots of different names also, including “Rose,” and did plenty of lesbo scenes and masturbation episodes with greater than standard toys.

When Fleur showed up at the studio in London for this XXX encounter, the studio studs did not recognize her for a second cuz her straight hair was given the dreadlock treatment. Fleur is very flaccid and supple and this came in very handy since her screw partner indeed pinned her to the daybed with his hardon. This chab licks her fur pie, something that babe loves, and that babe lifts her legs up in the air and then behind her so his tongue can indeed receive into her pleasing spot.

The porn scene in the YOU.K. remains very different than in USA. If Fleur were American and had lived in L.A., she’d have made 100 porn movies. According to various sources, Fleur supposedly moved to Tenerife, Spain, a country where tons of British ex-pats make their home. Everybody we know says she no longer glamour models..but u never know.

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Victoria Miller – Pussy worth waiting for

Muff worth awaiting for

Pussy worth awaiting for

“People think I’m a quiet, boring Mamma. Little do they know that I’ve already skilled many of my fantasies.”

So says 41-year-old Victoria Miller, who’s back for her second hardcore clip at In it, Victoria is everything but quiet, and the action is everything but boring. Victoria is wearing hot underware. She’s been awaiting for her buck all day. When he unveils up, this babe goes right after his dick. Some sweethearts would complain about their gent being late, but all Victoria cares about is getting laid.

“My kids think I am a fuddy-dud,” said Victoria, who’s married and from North Carolina. “I try to be that kewl Mama, and I know it is not working. So this is me doing something for me that I not at all thought I would have the opportunity to do.”

All this babe had to do was ask.

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Katarina Dubrova – Top-Seeded Goddess

Top-Seeded Goddess

Top-Seeded Girl

In this SCORELAND clip, Katarina Dubrova practices her nipple training exercises in preparation for her special delivery. First, Katarina devotes some time to sensuously rubbing her abdomen bump. She acquires an heavy amount of fun from this.

Shaking her now-bigger mellons, Katarina unhooks her brassiere to display her mangos. She’s wearing a maternity bra that has supplementary hooks on the main belts so a female can drop one cup and feed her kid. She rubs her sensitive areolas and squeezes her downy milk sacks to receive willing for her next step.

Katarina pulls a breast pump with out her titty-purse and pumps each nipp, perking up each pointer. She cleans each areola with a particular solution, using her fingers to tweak her teats and make ‘em stand out even more.

Katarina then applies a tiny amount of lanolin to each teat and rubs it in very carefully. This is for the clear plastic areola shields this babe places over each tit. There are 3 holes in each shield. Nipp shields are used to assist mothers and babies to breastfeed. It aids babies in latching on to the teat and it likewise protects the nipps.

All of the breast play and nipp training and practice has made Katarina very horny and given her a boob-gasm so the final device that babe takes from her bag is a inflexible vibrator for her pussy. Using her fingers to spread her lips and rub her love button very unyielding and fast, Katarina works the toy in quickly and in her own favorite motion so she can cum rock hard. This babe grabs one breast and brings it to her throat whilst that babe finishes herself off.

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Valentina Vixen – Helping Out The Help

Helping Out The Assist

Helping Out The Help

Valentina is a Nicaraguan who lives part of the time in the United States. That babe is fixing up her apartment in this video, and recruited some guy to help her.

“I knew I was gonna shag the lad who came over, but I had no idea that I was intend to disrobe and masturbate for him! We were joking around and that fellow commented that I’d more awesome take my white shirt off before I got paint on it. I did not hesitate. I ripped that shirt right off! He was shocked, but he kept his camera out. I wanted to copulate him right then, but he said me to keep going by myself. It was indeed hawt.”

Oh, and in case you are wondering about her back tattoo, Valentina gave us the scoop. “My tattoo is a scene from the mountains in Nicaragua. It’s a little piece of home. Some boys don’t adore it, but I do not care. I think it makes me look sexy.”

We love it, Valentina. It gives you character!

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Rebecca Williams – The MILF at the top of the stairs

The SEXY HOUSEWIFE at the top of the stairs

The MILF at the top of the stairs

This is Rebecca Williams’ second time at We asked her how she got here in the 1st place (other than by plane and car, certainly), and she said, “A girlfriend of mine who posed for u recommended it. I’d not at any time indeed thought of doing adept porn in advance of, but I was already doing dilettante ram, so I went for it.”

Here, Rebecca goes for it with Carlos. Or this buck goes for it with her. She is standing at the top of the stairs, wearing a short, black, leather skirt. That babe lifts her petticoat to show him what he’s about to receive and ends up sucking his rod in the hallway. Then this babe takes him into the bedroom, where that babe receives her a-hole up in the air so he can bonk her love tunnel.

Rebecca is a 51-year-old wife and Mother from Tampa, Florida. That babe is a swinger. This babe definitely has a wild side.

“Most of us ladies who are involved in this world live 2 lives–one with str8 friends and family and one with ‘scene’ allies. My str8 allies and family would be surprised to know that I do any of this.”

“Any of this” includes opening her face hole for porn-stud cum, as this babe does here. That babe enjoys it, certainly. Otherwise, this babe wouldn’t be here.

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Taylor Mae Mason – Get Your Yule Log Out

Acquire Your Yule Log Out

Get Your Yule Log Out

U know, we wanted to give u boyz a little smth additional this day. Even if u do not celebrate Christmas, u can surely appreciate seeing Taylor toy her vagina underneath the tree! We were looking throughout the naughty catacombs trying to detect a bonus set for your jacking enjoyment when we rediscovered this gem. Enjoy!

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Cat Bangles – Cat’s 1st Anal!

Cat’s First Anal!

Cat's 1st Anal!

Tell all the people u know that SCORELAND has Cat Bangle’s 1st hardcore anal scene. Invite ‘em over to check out Cat relish getting her a-hole filled. They can bring the pizza and beer. It is gonna be the greatest expose on earth.

Fetching and hot Cat lays the mood down by poking her bigger than average zeppelins at the camera. Her areolas start to escape from the tops of her brassiere as this babe pushes them around, squeezing them and swiveling her thighs. She shakes them, then grabs her bra thongs and jiggles ‘em, the breast flesh undulating.

Cat strolls over to Mirko who’s been expecting patiently for her during the time that not fast going eager. Whilst Cat’s been shaking it to the digital camera, he’s been staring at her scrumptious arse cheeks. An arse this dude will in a short time be in. She gives Mirko her back so he can unhook her underneath garment.

Cat turns and bends forward from the waist, lowering her head to take his erection down her mouth. All of it in a amazing deep mouth gulp. Each inch of his fucking pecker disappears down her able mouth. A gigantic load of drool pours from betwixt her lips all over Mirko’s dick. Cat jacks his knob and mouths him some more. She is remarkable. One of the almost all astounding throaters. Head sucking does not exist in her world. It is all the way down.

Cat receives on her back to be tit-fucked. This babe squeezes her natural pointer sisters jointly, crushing his shaft. Mirko comes around and slips into her pink aperture to start boning her. This babe tells him to put his 10-Pounder in her wazoo. They’re not even into the seventh minute of their sensual canoodle and Cat’s wazoo is already being drilled. The bosomy brunette hair cries out loud and clear as his cock heads unfathomable into her dark hole for the 1st time at SCORELAND.

Cat Bangles: a superwoman of boiling, raw sex.

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