A Skirt chaser And A Maid

A Stud And A Maid

A Gent And A Maid

What kind of hotel would u prefer to stay in? The kind of hotel that waited to clean the room after you checked out or a hotel that hired breasty maids who cleaned around you if u felt like sleeping for a petite in number hours more? We thought so. Since this guest has paid to stay past check-out and wishes to lay in daybed exposed, Daphne Rosen has no problem dusting around him or dusting him, for that matter. Now that is gotta feel great. “You know, sir,” Daphne says in her sing-song voice. “You’ve got a ribald little jock. I’m going to get to clean it with my face hole.” What a maid! This guy has it maid! Daphne heads down, dropping a greater than average glob of her mouth juice on his stiffie and jamming it down her mouth. The couch gets maid as Daphne is rammed subrigid and when Steve switches from her cookie to her backdoor, Daphne begs him to pour it on. “I urge to taste my butt on your weenie,” Daphne tells him. It pays well to not ever place a Donot Disturb sign on your doorknob when staying at some hotels. The SCORE Classic “A Skirt chaser And A Maid” from SCORE Xtra 11 features a youthful, pre-boob job Daphne in one of her first SCORE scenes. Daphne is still going beefy today after ten years of giving up her ass-pipe; still motivated, concupiscent and willing for action. We greetings her!

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