A Sharp Goddess With Cushioned Curves

A Sharp Beauty With Soft Curves

 A Sharp Girl With Squashy Curves

Hitomi picked out this little number coz that babe knows what dudes of all nationalities wanna see. The three-time SCORE Adult star of the year winner is a sharp angel with squashy curves.

Wrote L.D., “Hitomi is captivating and has a banging body, but when u get right down to it, it’s those big, fat, floppy hangers that seal the deal. The superlatively precious ever.”

R.N. wanted to comment about the 2 scenes in which Lily Madison got it on with Hitomi.

“How impressive it’s to see Lily Madison and Hitomi jointly. I am usually critical about gal on girl layouts coz many of them look artificial and insincere. But Lily and Hitomi appear to be to actually be appreciating every other and that adds to my pleasure. Lily and Hitomi obviously feel comfortable!”

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