Amber Reiz – What would her family say?

What would her family say?

<b>What would her family say?</b>” title=”<b>What would her family say?</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=“I’ve by no means been an model,” told Amber Reiz, a 47-year-old divorcee from Puerto Rico who lives in Florida. “This is my first time, and it is adore a fantasy come true. I wanna be in the magazines and become very noted.”

Amber is scheduled to appear in 40something magazine, and with her pics and episodes on, she’s now more-famous than 99% of the population. She’s becoming celebrated by not only telling us all about herself but by mouthing and banging Tarzan’s pecker.

“I found u on CraigsList,” Amber told. “I come from a very strict and conservative family.”

Amber’s breaking the mold.

She’s a Mother of four and a grandmother of one. This babe is a licensed massage therapist. That babe is not a swinger or a nudist. She said us, “You can be hawt wearing plenty of attractive clothes and still create a reaction.”

By the way, Amber has not ever had ass slam. We’re going to take care of that next time we see her.

Amber can likewise be hawt wearing nothing at all. See how u react.

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