Angel’s Sports Bar

Angel’s Sports Bar

Angel's Sports Bar

At this sports bar, you can get beer and chicken wings with hot sauce and you can get the stupendous billibongs you can handle. Forget every sports bar and restaurant u have ever been to with their T-shirt- and shorts-clad C-cup chicks. This place is the real deal for breast and leg paramours. After your wings and brew, you arrange for Angel Gee to take you to a intimate room and display u what that babe is made of…inch by stacked inch. She is always glad to accommodate a regular customer. If u know a better sports bar than this, and we doubt it, we desire to know about it!

Gal Gee was a gogo dancer, lap dancing in Massachusetts clubs such as the Lion’s Den amd Ten’s Flaunt Undress club.

“I was always very sexual when I was lap dancing,” Angel told. “Teasing. Slow and hawt. I liked the dudes to be right there. My last song was where I’d take my panty off, so I’d lay right down on the stage in front of ’em. It was as if it was ’em taking my knicker off of me instead of myself. And I would be laying there on the stage, and my twat would be right there in their faces.”

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