Annellise Croft – Nipple Star

Nipple Star

Nipple Star

“My abdomen was fastened up a little bit. I just wanted to be worthwhile. But I’m not nervous anymore. Out comes Annellise!”

That’s long-nippled Annellise Croft talking about her 1st time posing nude at SCORE. Nipp aficionados take note. Annellise has very peculiar, lengthy nipples. They are hypno-boobic pointers.

“I view porn but not regularly,” says Annellise. “I love watching it. It turns me on. If I feel raunchy and want to cum and play with myself, I’ll observe porn doing it, and it doesn’t take lengthy. I am a fast cummer.” Now that babe can observe herself cum on-video.

Annellise was born in the United Kingdom and moved to the States years ago. This is her first time being undressed on-camera. In her next SCORELAND appearance, she’ll be taking care of the rod. If you have access to or SCOREHD, you can watch Annellise’s very 1st XXX scene. She is a natural at being wicked.

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