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Ever had a teacher you wanted to a team fuck? Enter Seorita Assh Lee. This babe teaches Spanish, and she’s the hottest teacher on campus! All the studs love her, and Seorita Lee loves to tanalise all the bucks as this babe lectures. She’ll wear short skirts and low-cut blouses that show off her huge fullsome funbags. Seorita Lee likewise conducts study sessions after school, too, and if you think she tanalizes the men during class, wait til you watch what she does afterwards!! This day, her tutor group is small: a white boy who’s known as the campus geek, and the star cornerback from the football team! Do we truly must tell you she is already screwing the star football player? Or they’re about to hold a cuckold session right on campus?! Expect until you meet the cuckold’s "girlfriend", Heather!!! Cuckboi will bang "Heather" whilst Seorita Lee entertains her hung Bull. The Bull will use all three holes in instruct to dump his cum. Cuckboi dumps his cum, also, and then cleans up "Heather" in advance of receiving a peculiar treat from the fashionable Seorita! Cuckboi’s final grade for the day? C-, whilst the Bull earns his A+!!!

Assh Lee Assh Lee

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