Auto Body

Auto Body

Auto Body

A chesty goddess. A hose. Some water. A car. These are the basic elements of life.

5,000 years agone, dudes viewed stacked gals washing horses.

4,000 years ago, males viewed breasty gals washing wooden wagons. Little has changed since then, except we now view big busted beauties laundry cars and vans, a lot less filthy than washing a wagon.

Our well-developed auto body buffer in this reveal is none other than Jenna Valentine who has turned car washing into a piece of spectacle art. Jenna doesn’t do this for just anyone, so consider yourselves touched, or in this case, damp, by an beauty.

It is inflexible to understand why the auto industry wastes billions on idiotic TV commercials when they could simply hire Jenna and her chesty allies and make some really valuable commercials. Those people do not know what wonderful is.

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