Large Wet Pantoons

Greater than average Luscious Mammaries

Big Succulent Bumpers

A boy can walk around with out a shirt on (unless the sign says “No shirt, no shoes, no service”). If we did own a retail store, we wouldn’t even allow bucks in, just gals with large bra buddies. We already know what Sheridan Adore thinks about public toplessness.

“I am a nudist whenever possible, so I think it would be beautiful if cuties could go topless adore guys do,” Sheridan said, explaining her philosophy. “We were all born naked. It’s no thing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. The human body is a attractive thing no matter what shape or size. If males are allowed to be topless, sweethearts should have that same right. If I could, I would go to a theme park and ride anything nude. The adrenaline would make me super-horny.”

But if everybody was topless, the hawt factor would drop love a rock because we’d all be used to it, maybe even bored? There would be no tease. Sheridan has the countermeasure for that.

“I always costume up kinda horny without the bedroom and like a entire bimbo in the bedroom, with hair done, makeup and stillettos.”

Here’s a vixen who truly knows what the men adore.

SCORELAND: Sheridan, do you go to naked beaches or adult resorts?

Sheridan: Each time I’m in Miami, I try to go to the nudie beach [Haulover Beach]. I went one time with a ally and have been addicted since. I love being in nature’s garb in public. There needs to be more places to just let it all hang out.

SCORELAND: Do u still go to undress clubs as a customer? What’s your favourite club?

Sheridan: I still like to go to the undress clubs when I can. I love seeing my girls dance! My favorite strip club would be The Lap dancing club House back in Dallas. As pretty soon as I turned 18, it was my hangout on the weekends. Glamourous angels, loud rock music, and the occasionally rock stars.

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