Swim dress Chickie Sweetheart

Bathing costume Chickie Honey

Bikini Chickie Babe

A “chickie babe” is Australian slang for a cute Aussie hotty. We do not know the local phrase for “scorchin’ super-hottie” but whatsoever it’s, it applies to Angela White. Our bikini chickie smokes JMac’s sausage on the barbie until she receives what that babe craves. Angela described her BJ techniques: “I’m a very oral-job girl. I like everything to do with my mouth, so I like giving blow jobs. I like sucking dick. I’ll run my tongue up the shaft just to tease the boy, and then if this fellow craves to blow quickly, I’ll do deep-throat, but if this buck has a really big dick, I’ll use my hands at the same time if I can’t receive it all the way into my face hole. I’ll acquire the head with my throat and use 2 fingers around the shaft, but I really like to deep face hole. I love to engulf subrigid. I adore to use lots of spit.” And what about getting oral job? “I adore to get fucked, but irrumation is a need to. I adore to have my twat eaten and I like to suck dick.” Now with Angela‘s SCORELAND super-special on-line and on DVD (“Angela White Lastly Fucks”), we’re reminded of what Ms. White told in St. Maarten about her 1st boy-girl scenes after eight years. “Some fans write to me telling me that I’m this pure, angelic creature. They actually don’t know me because I am not pure and angelic!” Maybe so. But the very word angel is in her name, Angela! We fully expect Angela to be a member of Parliament in numerous years from now. Remember, you read this here at SCORELAND.

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