Bunny Brooks – Down Home Honey Bunny

Down Home Vixen Bunny

Down Home Pleasant heart Bunny

Hey lads, this is Bunny. She definitely looks more foxy than bunny, but that’s just our opinion. She’s the kind of gal u know is always ready for a priceless time. Just view that wild blue streak in her blond hair. You know that gets lads riled up! “I’ve always been a wild child. My Mother has this picture of me playing in a big mud pit in the back yard as a little cutie. She saw me going for it and said me not to jump in there with my admirable hawt raiment on, so I jumped out of my dress and dove in! The picture is of me, bare-assed and overspread head to toe in dirt. I kind of like redneck lads, so I am still rolling around in mud butt-ass-naked, except now I do it with studs! My friend’s truck got stuck in the mud one time and while we were waiting for his buddy to display up and tow us out we got frisky in the ottoman. We were having such a admirable time that we truly rolled without the back! That was enjoyment to explain when the other boy got there.”

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