Casey Deluxe – Fertility Female-dom

Fertility Dominant-bitch

Fertility Goddess

At nine-months knocked-up, Casey Deluxe wrote, “I present to u as a gift, my moist curves. Many of you urge to have new wank photos from me for milking their lewd rods. My belly is colossal. Do u adore my concupiscent baby factory? I have such monumental udders, I can barely stand up str8. My plum tingles constantly and is always succulent.”

Casey’s milk shakes are giant now and she just gave birth, right on schedule. Previous to this babe got pregnant, Casey’s body was very skinny all over. Our photographer told that a preggy Casey is all belly and titties and her arms and legs stayed slender. Now that she’s a fresh mom, that babe still plans to keep adult modeling as before.

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