Cat Bangles – Getting Wazoo In The VIP Room

Getting A-hole In The VIP Room

Getting Wazoo In The VIP Room

“I can take the massive meat-thermometer in my throat,” declares Cat Bangles. This not boasting. Cat says it and this babe lives it. It is not lazy lip service coming with out her face hole. Such women are worthwhile gems. Cat’s saddled up with the astronomical, almost all virile studs in her SCORELAND scenes and that babe makes every second count.

“I like to spit on a guy’s cock. I spit and I swallow cum. I suppose it looks hawt when I let his load leak without my face hole and on my scoops. I’ve next to no gag reflex.”

It is a late Saturday night at the lap dancing club where Cat works. You’ve strided in out of your bros. They didn’t crave to go. Their loss. But more for you. You have heard of this cocktail server and her wild, wild ways. So u head over there. The place is very quiet at this 60 minutes. All the better for you. When you walk in and have a seat, Cat comes over. That babe sizes you up, giving specific attention to your package. She is anything you heard and more.

This is intend to be a precious night after all. And Cat’s got a particular gift for u later, the gift of her a-hole.

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