Champagne Room Boom Boom

Champagne Room Boom Boom

Champagne Room Boom Boom

Stephanie Stalls‘ resting metabolism is normally high-energy and hyper-sexual. If her sex drive could be compared to a car engine, it would be a V-8 Twin Turbo. These twin turbos Stephanie shakes around the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA receive a real rock hard and nasty work-out in “Champagne Room Boom Boom” at SCORELAND.

The sexually-aggressive, Tennessee-born tit-an (part Cherokee, Irish and Scottish), who happens to live in Kentucky, goes wild on the stunt-dick, starting by pouring champagne all over her big meatballs. After that babe and her ass call lap that up, they pour it on his dong so Stephanie can lap that up with her lengthy tongue. Then they breast-bang and screw like it’s an built competition, Stephanie’s humongous funbags bouncing with each wank.

How the bed did not break beneath them was investigated by SCORE engineers. We’re not saying this kinda thing goes on in each champagne room out there but it did here and Stephanie is responsible. This babe makes lots of porno stars look like they’re taking a nap during their scenes.

“Even boys where I live just freak out when they meet me,” Stephanie said when she first came to SCORE. “‘You’re in magazines?’ and ‘You’re in porn?’ They like it. But I feel like I’m an average person. I feel like I am a regular cutie. I do not think I’m everything specific.”

Stephanie couldn’t be more incorrect about that.

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