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You’ve observed this story a thousand times previous to on TV reveals such as ER, Chicago Hope, St. Elsewhere, Scrubs, Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare, Dr. Who and Marcus Welby, M.D.

Yet it begged for a remake so SCORE decided to tackle this sensitive subject.

During the time that examining this video, the daydream of walking into the clinic where Nurse Kandi Cox is tending to patient Cindy Cupps and yelling “I’m a doctor! Let me through!” is very meaty.

So here are the facts: Big breasted Florida dark brown needs a routine physical. Click-clacks on her high heels and bounces into the SCORE Medical Clinic. Aged nurse relocated from Vegas and in need of orgasms starts to take the vitals, like height, weight, etc., when they are the one and the other afflicted with greater than run of the mill boob medical madness. This condition causes moist panties, upright nipps and snapped bra-straps.

In a not many minutes, Kandi is touching with tongue Cupps’s vagina and using a tongue depressor made by our friend the esteemed Doc Johnson. Now you would think that Kandi Cox would have been the assertive beauty from the get-go. But no, Cindy (in her first girl on girl) is the one putting on the strap-on and giving Nurse Cox a hard shag. A unfathomable one likewise. That thing’s an eight-incher. (For the record, Cindy considers herself sexually assertive.)

Just about anything two mountainous breasted broads can do to each other is able. The one and the other Cindy and Kandi are pleasured with the results. This is more astonishing than Obamacare.

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