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Cindy Starfall Cindy Starfall
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Brad Newman is a facile man who urges to lead a easy life. His problem? American vixens are a pain in the ass: they’re demanding; they’re unappreciative; and lastly, they’re boring in daybed. That’s why that stud coughed up some dudes and bought himself a mail-order bride, straight outta Viet Nam! This babe is of course obedient…and superlatively wonderful of all? She’s a freak in the sheets! She’ll literally do everything Spouse Brad asks, and one of Brad’s prefered things is to unveil off his fresh bride to all his buddies! Just observe what that chap does today! This dude invites his workout partner over and has his wife make lunch…in her lingerie. "Hey, why do not you blow my buddy Rob while that ladies man eats his lunch?" Brad asks. "Oh, yes sir!" compliant Cindy replies. Brad likes watching his wife "entertain" his allies, and Cindy cant get over the size of Rob’s BBC! Brad even jumps in for a minute, previous to Rob drops a mammoth load in Cindy’s pleasant, pink cunt. Then Brad splatters Cindy’s glamorous face for a job well done!

Cindy Starfall Cindy Starfall

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