Claudia Marie – Sweater Missiles

Sweater Missiles

Sweater Missiles

We have observed the taut tops try-on videos with Beshine, Minka and other mega-boobed cuties. This tight top titillator with the titillation provided by Claudia Marie is right up there! The fabric hasn’t been invented yet that can survive an rencounter with those titanic 50-inch face-and-cock-engulfing gazongas.

“I was a D-cupper in 4th grade. By the time I was in 10th grade, I wore a double-D. I was a G-cupper after having kids and a entire lot of men breast-feeding on ’em. I got up to a G-cup and decided to go bigger in size.

“First, I am in porn, so bigger is more admirable, but I’ll be Fourty one this year. I was turning Thirty eight. Gravity is not my ally anymore. I did not desire a lift because of the scarring, so I went to a doctor and said him to hook a garden pantyhose up to ’em sons of sluts and fill ’em up! I could still go bigger in size. Not ever say not ever!”

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