Cum for Brandii

Cum for Brandii

Cum for Brandii

“Pull it out. Hold your stiff penis for me,” says Brandii Banks, a 41-year-old, brace-faced divorcee and Mama from Toronto. “Oh, it is so wonderful and big. I adore it!”

How does that babe know your shlong is so precious and bigger in size than average? Cuz there’s no way it can not be considering her sexy body and the super-sexy, super-strappy dress that babe is wearing. Brandii, who first took a bow at this past October, is back for more this week. Today: solo photos and clip in which she fucks her tight fur pie with a humongous toy. Thursday, that babe shags anew!

“I love to be the center of attention,” this babe told. “I like to be hot. I like to be provocative. Sex brings the sexiness without me.”

That large copulate toy brings out the sexiness in her.

“About 10, 15 years agone, I started with the telephone chats,” Brandi told. “Then I got into webcamming. Did some of that. Then I started doing undressed modeling, lingerie, fetishes, adult film, solos, schoolgirl discharges. It all started from there.

40SOMETHING: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done sexually?

BRANDII: I have had sex on a mini golf course. It was a castle, and once we got to that aperture we had a quick session. It was a Brandii gap in one.

40SOMETHING: Were there people on the golf course?

BRANDII: There were people on the other holes, not the one we were on. We were being very discreet and quick so nobody would catch us.

40SOMETHING: So u love having sex in public?

BRANDII: Yes. It’s a rush. The adrenaline surges. You might acquire caught. U don’t know how it will go.

40SOMETHING: Does the rush assist you cum harder?

BRANDII: It definitely makes me cum faster and harder

40SOMETHING: What’s the foremost way for u to cum?

BRANDII: I just like it doggy style. Touching my clit. But doggie style is one that will always make me cum.

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