Danielle Derek

Danielle Derek Danielle Derek
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Danielle Derek has an interesting relationship with her step-son: this babe keeps him in his very-wealthy father’s valuable graces, and he doesn’t tell dad when step-mom’s been wicked. It’s an stylish relationship, indeed…and it started not too lengthy after Danielle married and moved-in to the abode. 1st, it was walking around the abode in robe and panties. Then, just briefs. Then, keeping washroom doors opened while that babe showered. Then, letting step-son peek in as this babe dressed. The first time that petticoat chaser caught step-mom with another fellow, the deal was consummated. Now, Danielle’s step-son goes without his way to bring his friends home to meet "my barmy step-mom"! Today’s extra-special, as Danielle has never been with a darksome charmer before (let alone 2), and step-son knew Danielle would get very horny when this babe met Rob and Ricky. Danielle tempted the youthful males, which was very facile…first, by giving ’em a peep display; and then, simply inviting the bucks into her dressing room. As step-son sitting and beat his meat, Rob and Ricky ran a teach on step-mom, ending with a sexy, creamy load unfathomable in her cookie. Then a sticky discharged all over her face and mounds. Do not forget step-son’s award!
Danielle Derek Danielle Derek
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