Danni Lynne – Peeper In The Ladies Room

Peeper In The Ladies Room

Peeper In The Ladies Room

Do not try this at home. That’s what SCORELAND is for. Spying on the dangerous curves of Danni Lynne as she primps in the ladies room was sure to be short lived. It was merely a matter of time in advance of she turned around and spotted us. Danni fills out that body-hugging reservoir costume love nobody’s business. She knows we want more. Who can resist her lure? Her dress comes off easily so this babe can play. In solos or hardcore scenes, Danni’s a major sweetheart. Why the sprinkler system didn’t go off is a mystery.

The fastest a fellow ever came when he was favourable sufficient to get it on with her?

“As in a short time as he went in! He was in and had to fetch out. That man had a cock rubber on, but he went in and said, ‘I’m done.’ I told, ‘What? What about me?’ I gave him a pass. This gent was a foreigner. Sometimes their English is a little choppy. I knew what he meant, that this Lothario came. I wasn’t contemplating it. I was insane. I was upset. I was randy. That lady-killer was a gentleman, but the other part was truly laughable. Now I’m envisaging some angry emails from him. ‘How dare you?’ But I didn’t discover him, so we’re okay.”

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