Daphne Rosen – Stall Sexologist

Stall Sexologist

Stall Sexologist

Daphne Rosen is the stall sexologist. This men’s room is her office and this is where this babe treats her clients’ erotic issues. This is where Daphne uses her larger than typical fullsome funbags and tight cum-hole to fuck some sense into those dudes. It always works.

Daphne has fucked tons of boyz, the one and the other competent men and archetypal fellows. She’s a sex experienced, different from the TV academicians out there with their trendy books.

“Professional men have been worse than the dudes in my personal life,” Daphne said. “Because I am so wonderful. I have had a higher percentage of boyz in porn not be accustomed to control themselves than in real life, so it truly does depend on the lad and how this buck is doing that day.”

Daphne was already an anal dance specialist when that babe supersized her milk cans in 2006.

“I’ve got booty and I am thick, so if u can get the pecker past my haunches and to the hole, we’re all worthwhile. I adore to try new things. I’ll try everything one time. If I adore it, I’ll keep on doing it, and if I do not, I’ll just by no means do it one time more. So I wanted to try it, and it was valuable.”

Daphne was the 21st inductee into the SCORE Hall of Fame in the June 2015 edition of SCORE. She’s a admirable, glamorous Jewish beauty who made the worship of meat-thermometer her life’s work for a fine number of years instead of marrying a doctor or a lawyer.

“I was sort of born for sex,” Daphne told. “I mean, fate dealt me a hand that I basically had no partiality. My face hole is very, very competent. I can obviously do a great titty shag. My cookie, I have heard, is completely killer. My arsehole…very accommodating.”

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