Deauxma – The Final Approach: Deauxma’s Ass

The Last Approach: Deauxma’s A-hole

The Final Approach: Deauxma's Ass

Deauxma 1st visited The SCORE Group in 2004 when this babe started in modeling. She’s a sharp dominant-bitch and is very amicable with many other SCORE Angels. Here, Deauxma’s a stewardess with bigger than standard zeppelins. She’s on a layover in Miami. The curvacious brunette looks hot in her constricted uniform and high heels yet so prim and proper. That is just a facade. Deauxma’s gonna her motel room when this babe sees a passenger from the flight that babe just worked.

“I’m intend to be next door if you need everything. Just let me know,” this chab says. Charming sure of himself, eh? What could Deauxma crave besides a penis in her mouth as a pacifier previous to she goes to sleep.

Deauxma hears a knock on her door and opens it. “Hi, I’m Lucas,” says the dark guy. Yes, each stud urges to a gang bang a stew. “I’m Deauxma,” she replies. “Weren’t you on my flight?” Deauxma checks out his junk. She likes darksome cock, especially in her butthole. This babe is married but that babe has permission from her supportive hubby to shag strangers. They receive comfy on the bed and prepare for indecent action. Motel rooms make Deauxma wanna do naughty things with strange chaps.

Her recent strange-fuck sucks on her hard areolas and plays with her larger than average love muffins as this babe gets in nature’s garb. She’s wearing very hot underclothing for a flight attendant right off the jet. The passengers would by no means guess that the lady handing them a bag of peanuts could model bras for Fredericks.

Deauxma gets on her back so this chab can lick her cookie. That warms her up and makes her wanna engulf his engorged ding-dong in very hot poses. That charmer can’t believe he’s plan to ram and slam the juicy love tunnel and constricted a-hole of a stewardess. This doesn’t happen that often to the archetypical jet passenger. Deauxma acquires her anus pounded with out mercy and she can’t live with out it. Fly the amicable skies? Actually.

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