Eva Notty – Eva Notty Jackumentary

Eva Notty Jackumentary

Eva Notty Jackumentary

Eva Notty (pronounced “Eh-vah”) was originally a Wicked Neighbors gal in 2004. Five years after her NN glamour photoshoot, Eva was encouraged to send her fotos to BeAScoreModel.com.

“I posed for Wicked Neighbors that one time, but that was it,” told Eva. “I not at all put it with out my thoughts, but I not ever really thought about pursuing it. That was just one thing I did for joy. But a friend pursued it and asked me if this gent could submit my fotos, and I told okay, and he did. And then someone from your studio called me, and you wanted me to come in. I didn’t hesitate.”

The fetching brunette hair made her SCORELAND first appearance on June 10, 2009, in a four-part Special. It combined an interview, boob play, a bumpers in tight tops brandish, toying masturbation, a massage by a hands-on charmer and a Bra-busters & Tugs. In other words, it was loaded. Very hardly any girls get a Peculiar completely devoted to ’em.

Eva’s 1st SCORE mag, a cover issue, was December ’09. Her handsome body and face and her greater than run of the mill scones knocked everybody out. The mail poured in.

Eva was voted SCORE Adult star of the year for 2010. That babe is appeared in 12 DVDs, a SCOREtv Holiday Special and 14 magazines. That babe was voted #11 in SCORELAND‘s 20th Anniversary contest. A tall girl who’s over six feet in heels, Eva is one of merely six American girls to be voted onto the 20 for Twenty list.

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