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If you are following Isiah and JonJon’s magnificant adventures in Budapest, you’ll know they’ve already checked in to their Budapest vacation rental, and now they’re out to meet the stud who runs one of Europe’s biggest sex lap dancing clubs. It was one of the reasons they came here in the 1st place! The Sex Club hired our 2 Darksome Bulls to mingle (and partake) in the club’s "activities". There’s merely one issue: the $10,000 they were to be paid for their appearance fee was in the local currency, Hungarian forints, and not US dollars, as JonJon and Isiah contemplated. Worse yet, $10,000 forints is a little less than $40 dollars, so u know there is intend to be conflict…until the owner’s mail-order, Russian wife makes her appearance. Her name is Gina Gerson, and this little freak is intend to make all her holes accessible, as that babe can’t live without Darksome Bulls nearly as much as Hubby can’t live without to observe her acquire gangbanged out! Wait until u see Isiah’s immense pop shot unfathomable into Gina’s small rectal hole!!

Gina Gerson Gina Gerson

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