Holiday of Scoops

Holiday of Love melons

Holiday of Hooters

At this point, a crowbar could not dislodge Alexya from her number-one spot at SCORELAND‘s Glamour model Directory. Winner of V-Mag’s Beginner of the Year title, Alexya’s looks, body, love muffins and easygoing, laidback style on-camera have made her a major favorite. This babe could stand fully clothed and read the Bucharest telephone book and still stay on top.

Alexya always begins giggling during her movie scene chats. It’s rare when she doesn’t chortle, especially when the cameraman asks her a carnal question. Then she usually loses it. Majority of her interviews turn into laugh-ins and seeing her bumpers jiggle as this babe giggles is just as much pleasure.

Thanksgiving may be an American holiday but with Alexya dropping her apron in the kitchen, typical is thanksgiving. This babe can mash as much fruit on her spectacular body and fashionable F-cup hangers for as lengthy as she wishes.

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