Its Bea’s hubby a cuckold? Or was he in on this?

Its Bea’s husband a cuckold? Or was that guy in on this?

Its Bea's husband a cuckold? Or was that guy in on this?

Some of you who saw Bea Cummins suck and copulate a dark Lothario in front of her real-life husband a few years ago might have wondered, “How’s their relationship? How do this wanton 69-year-old wife and her husband receive along?”

Well, the answer is, “Swimmingly.” Bea loves to shag in front of other people. And her spouse can’t live without to look at her screw other people. This chab accompanies her to each shoot in our studio, and this charmer is not at all sat more than a dunky in number feet away during the time that his wife is having her way with juvenile males.

This time, though, Bea‘s husband isn’t sat a scarcely any feet away. He’s sleeping a dunky in number feet away while Bea plays with herself, oh-so-horny, nudging him to get up, give her some cock. But the man needs his sleep. Or does this chab?

Because, as you’re about to see, it appears to be as if Johnny, the juvenile gent in these pictures, has become a piece in the games Bea and her husband play. In this case, the game is, “Bea sucks the juvenile, hung buck whilst hubby sleeps. Boyfriend wakes up and sees his wife mouthing. Turns out this is what they had in mind all along.” So husband leaves, and Johnny copulates his almost all astonishing friend’s Mother in his supreme friend’s parents’ marital daybed. Gives her a man-juice pie, too.

So, here it is, gentlemen: the key to a happy marriage.

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