Jenna Bouche, Free and Easy

Jenna Bouche, Amenable

Jenna Bouche, Free and Easy

Jenna Bouche, a 44-year-old, happily married female from Jacksonville, Florida, continues her launch with an introductory interview, followed by her first episode tug job. Asked if she’d fantasized about what you’re about to watch her do, Jenna says, “I’d thought about it often, and almost any of my adult life, I at not time had the confidence or the courage or felt free sufficient to do it.”

Part of the reason Jenna felt free enough to do it this time is coz her children are grown and with out the house. She’s a swinger. She sells life insurance. And she can wank 10-Pounder and talk at the same time. Even with her husband watching from across the room.

Jenna has excellent skills with her mouth and meatballs. Should we invite her back to see how the rest of her works?

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