Jenna Covelli – Three-way In The Yoga Studio

Three-way In The Yoga Studio

Three-way In The Yoga Studio

One of the most-known Yoga positions is called “downward dog.” It involves bending over and turning your body into an inverted “V” with your hands and feet planted on the floor and your head facing straight down. It ain’t easy.

Here, 51-year-old divorcee Jenna Covelli demonstrates her own version of the pose, except she’s bent over with a 10-Pounder in her throat and one more cock in her pussy. Yeah, long-nippled Jenna has come back for more…in this case, a lot more.

“I had so much fun the first time,” Jenna said of her on-camera sucking-and-fucking launch a year ago. “I love the way you boys treat your glamour models, and I couldn’t expect to come back.”

Jenna, a Mommy of 2 and former corporate sales person from Southern California, did some enjoyment things during the time that she was here this time. That babe was a specific guest on a interview with greenhorn Tracy Licks. She did what you are about to watch here, a three-way with two bucks. And this babe had a four-way with newcomer Scarlet Andrews and another two males.

Jenna looks more-beautiful than ever, and her body is smokin’ in that Yoga outfit. As for those nipples…well, as ordinary, they leave us speechless. So sufficient talk. Let’s view Jenna copulate!

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