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Jewels Jade hasn’t been married long, and she’s already giving the eye to her fresh step-son’s pals. I suppose u could say it is pretty average behavior for Jewels. Way back in 2002, Bruce Vain and Julian St. Jox brought her to the secret Dogfart mansion. Since then, Jewels has been addicted to larger than typical dark weenie. Fast forward 13 years and Jewels is the epitome of "MILF". When she’s around these younger chaps, Jewels takes delight in what that babe can receive away with. Whether it’s a "nipple slip" in a sheer shirt or "accidentally" walking without the bath with no thing on, Jewels gets off on seducing younger males. And if it’s a dark ladies man, well…game on! In fact, that babe is been flirting with her step-son’s "black" ally Isiah for months, and now that the house is empty (partner on a business travel, son’s on a road tour), it seems the time is right for Isiah and Jewels to take the "friendship" to the next level. Merely one problem: step-son’s road trip went sour, fast, and he’s back, unexpectedly…and walks in on his buddy getting sucked off. Jewels knows how to handle the situation, though, even if it’s in one of the almost all unconventionally taboo ways ever imagined.
Jewels Jade Jewels Jade
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