Joana – A Domme In The Flesh

A Dominant-bitch In The Flesh

A Mistresse In The Flesh

Although she has been glamour modeling for SCORE since 2003, Joana was always something of a goddess of mystery. It’s difficult to connect Joana’s personal activities to her longevity as a photo model but that may be the reason.

“I do plenty of spiritual things like meditation and yoga. Each single day I do smth like that. I have fun it. My connection to spiritual life began when I was 16. I was in school. I felt something fine happen with me, and a very worthwhile friend of mine taught me about yoga, and I started to practice. I do two hours of yoga positions and meditation a day, but if I’m busy, I just do meditation. I practice Hatha yoga, which focuses on physical and mental strength.”

In this photo set (and matching clip), Joana tries on a series of hot bikinis and monokinis before getting naked underneath the tropical sun. If a Roman or Greek bitch gal came to Earth in human form, she’d look adore Joana.

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