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Juicy Fruits

Today is International Fruit Day. Juliana Simms is here on behalf of the pantoons party to brandish her support for this great holiday. There’re no fun bags in Juliana’s kitchen so she is brought her own boobies. You’ll marvel another time at their size, shape and sweetness as soon as Juliana takes off her apron, reservoir top and undergarment. Every kitchen should have a Juliana Simms in charge.

SCORELAND: What is the funniest thing a boy ever did to get u to in a relationship with him?

Juliana: That chap sang right underneath my window. But it didn’t help him. I did not courting him.

SCORELAND: What is the funniest thing that ever happened because of your bra-busters?

Juliana: The funniest thing is always when I run.

SCORELAND: That we would love to see. When you are trying on a undergarment, what do you do to test whether it is intend to fit right?

Juliana: I watch how it fits when I move around and if the straps don’t hurt my shoulders. It is unbending for me to discover proper-sized bras for my love muffins. Right now I buy size 80I. That’s a European size.

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