Kalila Kane – “I’m Truly Shy”

“I’m Indeed Shy”

What exotic dancing club do you currently dance in?

I’m not a gogo dancer currently. I haven’t been for over a year. I am busy being a construction contractor now! I do miss learning recent pole tricks and becoming stronger and more flexible. If the poles in DC clubs weren’t so short, I’d be all over them another time. I love lengthy poles.

How lengthy had you been dancing?

About a year altogether. Not terribly long, I know.

Did you originally go to an exotic-dancer school or are u self-taught?

Self-taught. I used to go in early when no one was there, with my laptop, and try to mimic some of the more-complex moves I would detect on YouTube.

Did u do pole lap dancing? Any girl-girl stage play?

Yeah, I really adored pole dancing all by itself. I’d do some girl-on-girl stage play with gals I befriended, also. I loved girl/girl play. Hell, I love any job where I acquire paid to sexually harass my coworkers.

Did you do lap dances too?

Yes. My lap dances were hawt!

What type of costumes and shoes did u like wear on stage?

I looked pretty great in my schoolgirl outfit and PVC mastix boots with the braces and all. But I too had dresses and neon bikinis and the ever-classy plastic exotic dancer heels. I wish I got the ones with the lights in ’em. Hell, I want I identified some with little plastic fish floating in ’em. I would have worn the hell with out these! With a stringy, dark, panty micro-bikini and a cane and a mountainous fuzzy, purple pimp hat with zebra stripes. With some purple sunglasses. That would have been my look hands down-70s style pimp, workin’ the sexy dancer pole. Screw…if I had one regret about quitting, it’d be not wearing that.

What mistakes do men make in disrobe clubs?

Not tipping well. Most other things can be forgiven, but strippers are there to make specie.

What should a boy talk about if that lady-killer is spending time with a dancer in a exotic dancing club?

No thing. Shut up and enjoy a naked hotty dancing on you!

Kalila has a Twitter fan page at @kalilakane.

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