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No matter how sexy your gal is, sooner or later things acquire stale in the bedroom. Take Max, for example. He is got a great abode and a alluring cutie and he is bored to tears. After all, how lengthy can someone be contemplated to screw in the missionary position with the lights off previous to it grows old? Max has had this talk with his goddess, Keisha Grey about this, and now he’s gonna receive serious. This fellow just got home with his bro, Isiah, and Max puts it bluntly: "fuck my hotty! I desire to look at!" Since Max is down, Isiah is down…the merely issue? Keisha isn’t. All it takes is a little "talking to" and before u know it, Isiah is balls deeps in all three of Keisha’s holes, which is a surprise for Max, cause this woman chaser is not at all had the chance to group sex that enchanting ass! Some say it is more admirable to leave dreams as fantasies…but not here. We make dreams real!
Keisha Grey Keisha Grey

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