Kitana Flores – Kitana Flores Is A Super Honey!

Kitana Flores Is A Super Lovely heart!

Kitana Flores Is A Super Vixen!

“I’m a bad beauty when I’m here,” said Kitana Flores. “Right now. For a not many hours. In the bedroom. Lads are sometimes surprised by that because I usually don’t suit also hot and I can be kind of easygoing, but when they acquire me in the bedroom, I can be gorgeous wild. I guess plenty of Puerto Rican cuties are that way. We hide our wild side until we get into private situations. We don’t think it’s proper to be also out there in public, even though we can suit sexy.”

A double life? Expressing her sexy sexuality banging on-camera and giving boners to her fans watching her?

“I’m not the kind of beauty who would walk around with a short petticoat and no knickers and expect for the wind to blow, you know? I’m a lot more conservative than that, make almost certainly of it or not.”

Kitana is so fucking sexy and hot that feelings of jealousy can rear up when this babe sucks the bigger than typical pecker of this X-Man in this SCORE scene and widens her legs so that guy can kick off boning her. This guy may or may not have really understood how favourable that gent was to savor this sexy South Beach Latina ‘cuz countless dudes would have loved to have taken his place.

“My teats are very sensitive,” added Kitana, “so if a man begins there and slowly works down my body, he’s going to identify that my pussy is already very damp in advance of that Lothario even does everything to it.”

Kitana’s pussy is very wet in this scene.

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