Lacy – Welcome to the ass club, Lacy

Welcome to the ass lap dancing club, Lacy

Welcome to the gazoo undress club, Lacy

When we asked 48-year-old Lacy if she’s into anal-copulation, this babe told, “If I’m super-horny, yep.”

Lacy didn’t know if she’d be super-horny when we asked her to get ass-fucked on-camera for the first time. After all, we asked her weeks before the scene was discharged. But when the time came…

“I’m willing!” this hot divorcee, Mother and grandmother told. “Bring him on!”

“Him” is Tarzan, who eagerly drilled Lacy’s charming arse. And Lacy eagerly received.

“I like funny, assertive boyz,” Lacy said us.

We don’t know if Tarzan is funny, but that guy appears to be pretty assured.

“My family and allies know I do photo shoots, but not past that,” she told.

Meaning they do not know that she bonks, much less gets ass-fucked, on-camera.

They’d be surprised to investigate. After all, how many 48-year-old mamas and grandmothers do anal on-camera? Hardly any. Welcome to the gazoo exotic dancing club, Lacy.

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