Lana Blanc In The Beneath garment Zone

Lana Blanc In The Undergarment Zone

Lana Blanc In The Brassiere Zone

Trying on bras is an carnal experience when Lana Blanc does it. “I buy very big bras. My 2 favorite brands are Prima Donna and Panache. I can not buy bras off the rack without ’em needing adjustment. I always wear a under garment.”

Lana lives a hot sex life. “I like areola play plus clitoris and anal stimulation. I’ve sex on a each single day basis. I’ve done tons of weird ram. Administering an enema to somebody else is probably the strangest thing I’ve done. Though I will admit, it was oddly sexual.

“I masturbate regularly. I use either a Lelo or Magic Wand. I like to look at Lesbi porn.” Lana bought a copulate machine, the kind angels sit on. She is sure to put it to admirable use.

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