Lana Blanc: Hot Body Shine

Lana Blanc: Hawt Body Shine

Lana Blanc: Hawt Body Shine

“I was at a bar and someone said to me, ‘Is it sexy in here or is it just you?'” said Lana Banc, who often hears similar comments. “It’s a corny, overused line but I applauded his courage.”

Check out and overheat as Lana takes off her one-piece bikini and covers herself in oil.

The busty brunette hair is a total magnet but says she avoids emphasizing her breasts. Lana does lots of traveling and exploring and doesn’t wanna attract likewise much attention. The fact is, Lana would attract a lot of attention even if this babe had miniature bra buddies.

“I’m a switch. I’m naturally more tractable but with the right husband I can be very controlling. I’ve sex on a every single day basis and I masturbate regularly, sometimes more than one time a day. I savour nipp play, clit and anal stimulation. My favourite position is cowgirl.”

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