Lana Ivans – Stud V Funbags

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The succulent, agreeable Lana Ivans is clothed in a very hot, skimpy two-piece that fits her Voluptuous, hawt body perfectly. Lana steps with out the beachside resort to gaze at the scenic delights when she smells food grilling. From where? That babe has to see what’s cooking. During the time that we follow her jiggling breasts as she walks down the stairs sluggishly in her high heels, Lana follows her cute nose to the pool area. That babe is on the scent and discovers Largo cooking weiners on the veranda by the pool. Largo gives Lana a smack of his grilled weiner but Lana wants the wiener in his pants. She’s gonna be cooking that sausage real wonderful in a banging demonstration that was too hot to air on a TV cooking program. We have yet to watch a movie scene with Lana that wasn’t hotter than a taco from a Mexican lunch wagon. Everything Lana does is super-sexual, even walking down a flight of stairs.

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