Let’s Bowl With Alexya

Let us Bowl With Alexya

Let's Bowl With Alexya

We’ve gotten Alexya off the pool table and without the pool for this trip to a bowling center we rented for the afternoon. (Hitomi did a shoot here also.) Alexya doesn’t bowl (she loves to swim and dance) but she was game to show her adult modeling skills in this place, enjoyed the setting and played with the balls and pins as props. “Maybe I will try to bowl when I’ve the time on a weekend,” Alexya told the photo team after the shoot wrapped.

“I didn’t have such large milk cans when I was in school,” Alexya said. “I was about 8teen or 19 years aged when they started to grow. I was very surprised.” She not at all thought it would happen. Even if that babe had never been boob-blessed, Alexya would have modeled in any case. This babe definitely has the alluring face and body for posing on-camera. Breast-man are just lucky that Alexya decided to go completely undressed. The next Olympic sport: exposed bowling?

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