Let’s Do It Outdoors!

Let’s Do It Outdoors!

Let's Do It Outdoors!

Alexa is a 21-year-old marketing specialist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She’s 5’4″, weighs about 107 pounds, wears 34B bras and likes lacy boyshorts. Alexa got such a thrill without seeing herself in our magazine that she decided to fulfill some other long-held fantasy…to copulate outdoors. But this babe decided that that babe wanted to do it with one of our bucks. When she contacted us to ask if it could be arranged, we told her to come a runnin’ to Miami. One time down here, Alexa decided that she might as well do it all, so she let a movie digital camera enslave her in act with John, likewise.

As Alexa said us: “I’m an simple lay if the chap appeals to me. I adore good-looking lads who treat me properly and make me giggle. That is a major turnon for me. Once we’re alone and the odds are that we’re plan to copulate, I like to take charge of things. I’ll make the moves and entice the buck and be mouthing his jock before that stud knows what’s up. Then I wait him to go down on me and get me off a pair of times previous to we bonk. I love to spend some time on top, riding the penis, but then the lad can do me any way this ladies man wants to. If I have cum from being eaten out, I will not care so much whether I cum anew or not. If the boy acquires me superhot, I’ll give up my anal opening. I do not cum that way, but the sensations are outstanding and, like almost any beauties appear to be to do, I actually like feeling the skirt chaser shooting his cum in my wazoo. It was so exciting being with John, not just cuz we were out side, but because that ladies man absolutely took control and that is not what I’m used to,” told Alexa. That buck told me what to do and what he wanted, and it sexually excited the hell without me! I did not expect to cum ‘coz of having the digi camera lads there and all, but I had a super large O and could have kept going for ages, but I knew we could not.”

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