Lilli Dixon – Future Star

Future Star

Future Star

Each once in a whilst we receive a brand rookie who we know is intend to go on to do great things. That's the feeling we acquire from Lilli, the blond fuckdoll from Indianapolis, Indiana. Just listen to how open she is talking about sex. "I can cum from unfathomable penetration, but it's easier for me to cum from clitoral stimulation. I'm more sensitive there. I've had three orgasms in a row from a lad holding a dildo on my clit while fucking me. But unfathomable penetration gives me a deeper and more intense feeling." Glamorous sexy, eh?

"I indeed liked how your fellow drilled me," Lilli breathed heavily after we asked her how she liked her first on-camera rogering. "He had a large knob and he knew how to use it! I've really had a stud with a bigger unit than him, but this fellow was kind of a dead fish in bed. Your lad was flipping me over and hittin' it in every position. It was mind blowing. I even had an orgasm. It was a big one, also. I loved it a lot."

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