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Lily Adams Lily Adams
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Lily Adams. What a piece of arse! This babe is slim, has a near-perfect body, and what may be the almost any fine set of fullsome funbags you’ll see this month! This babe too has a father who’s business spouse is pumped up and attractive…and dark! That is how Lily describes him to all her friends. In fact, that man is on his way over to pick up some important paperwork Lily’s dad has prepared. This makes Lily’s little white vagina damp with crave. This babe is had her eyes on this Dark Bull every since her dad partnered up with him! Lily makes it obvious, too: each time this man swings by for a business rencounter, Lily makes sure to answer the door, always make eye contact, and to smile. In other words, this babe loves to flirt with dad’s business hubby! Today, knowing dad will not be home all day, Lily is intend to dress like a cute little bitch and make her move! It doesn’t take much to coax his large, darksome dick with out his trousers! "This is way greater than my boyfriend’s!" Lily exclaims, previous to putting it into her face hole. Sucking turns to fucking turns to Lily with her fresh "daddy", who drops a massive load right into her mouth. Even though Lily doesn’t swallow for her boyfriend, you know this babe is intend to drink Daddy’s load…which is just the very beginning of their fresh relationship!
Lily Adams Lily Adams
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