Linda Melrose – Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde

Is that your natural hair color, and is it true that blondes have more pleasure?

“Yes, this is my natural hair color. My pubes are blonde, too! I can not speak for other blondes, but I know I have plenty of joy! I do not think that saying is entirely true though, coz I have dark brown girlfriends who love to have lots of joy, likewise. You’d be surprised how much enjoyment gals can have!”

Where’ve u had the almost any joy?

“Definitely at sleep-away camp. Lots of the other cuties were sneaking out at night to fool around with the boyz. But I had plenty of pleasure inside my cabin with some of the other girls. I learned a lot about my body, love how to have multiple orgasms and how to give ’em to other gals.”

Did other girls see you in action?

“No, but that’s part of what made it hawt. The girls would not think anything of you sharing a couch with some other beauty. But u do not wanna wake them up with lezzie groaning! It was so hot to be fooling around and trying to stay quiet so we would not wake anyone else up. Like a smutty, little secret.”

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