Lovely Autumn

Fascinating Autumn

Lovely Autumn

When Autumn called us to say that babe was coming to South Florida on vacation and asked if she could copulate for our cameras, we told her that sounded love a nice idea. That babe replied, “Great. ‘coz I wanna take my charmer on a trip.” We thought that babe meant the tour to Miami, but she meant a trip “around the world” as it relates to sex. And you can do that out of spending a dime!

The term “around the world” is generally thought to mean banging a babe’s throat, vagina and dark-skinned hole before the boy cums. But purists–connoisseurs of the practice–hold that the true definition of the term means finishing up in the same gap that you started in. So, as u can watch, our Autumn is a purist. “We’ve done all the parts of it before–I love booty sex–but we’ve at not time officially been around the world,” said Autumn. “I figured it would be smth indeed special to do in front of the cameras, especially since it was on Jay’s birthday.” Well, that sure beats the hell out of getting a tie and a pair of shirts!

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