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Maggie Green Maggie Green
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Corrections Officer Maggie Green has a big problem on her hands…her step-son, Jake. Ever since Maggie married Jake’s dad, Jake has been a handful: fighting, stealing, slutty and lewd behavior are just a slight in number of Jake’s specialties, and it’s even landed him in jail. In his step-mom Maggie’s jail! Quite honestly, Maggie would not even care, but this babe just identified out there’s shit going down out in the prison yard, her step-son Jake is involved, and things might acquire unattractive. Really unsightly. Race riot ugly. So Maggie makes an arrangement with the warden to bring Jake in with 2 of the dark studs who run the darksome gang in prison. Maggie desires a truce. That babe wishes her step-son left alone until he is out on parole…and she’s ready to do whatever that takes! Do we truly have to tell u this babe offers up her face hole and twat to the gang leaders? Or that her step-son Jake is also in a predicament for being a pervert?! We think u know how this is gonna end up!!
Maggie Green Maggie Green
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