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Melissa Moore Melissa Moore
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Leo and Melissa seem love a glad couple, and they are…do a degree. Melissa’s been addicted to black knob since banging half the basketball team back in school, and Leo needs fresh vagina all the time. Leo suspects Melissa is still with the BBC, but this chab is gonna confirm it today. He’s sent two of his high school buddies over to his abode disguised as "pool service", and today he’s about to confirm what this dude is known all along. Instead of getting potty, that woman chaser is plan to catch her red-handed and then cut the deal: have all the dark-skinned strapon you urge, but Leo’s plan to gangbang all the snatch that fellow can get my hands on! After Melissa’s been banged out by his old pals, Leo’s gonna give his valuable doxy wife a award — a valuable, old-fashioned man-juice shot to the face. And what a discharged it’s!
Melissa Moore Melissa Moore

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