Michelle Bond – Kitten In Chains

Kitten In Chains

Kitten In Chains

The unsurpassable British girl-next-door, Michelle Bond does have a purring, cat-like style about her. That babe rarely takes on a kinky dream goddess persona so this is a veer-off into fetish territory. But in an interview with Michelle from Portugal during the making of Big boobed Finishing School, there’s this passage.

“I worked for a peculiar lap dancing club as a showgirl. It was the world’s titanic nightclub, and we did different exposes, and my part each Monday night was to acquire dragged onstage, handcuffed and stripped by a dwarf. It was wild, but it was enjoyment, and the crowd always got a bigger than standard kick with out it. Every Monday night, shackled, in nature’s garb in front of a thousand people. “

That was the long running, now closed, show called “Manumission” hosted by the strip club Privilege in Ibiza, off the coast of Spain and called the majority debauched scene in Ibiza.

“In part of the unveil I would be wearing underwear, but in the part with the dwarf I was stripped, and I had a collar and chain around my neck and he’d drag me on up, and I’d be wearing no thing but handcuffs, and he’d drag me around onstage. I had a nice time.”

Milk. It does do a body worthy, especially a voluptuously wholesome body.

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