Michelle Bond – The Art Of The Lapdance

The Art Of The Lapdance

The Art Of The Lapdance

Michelle Bond, chesty creator of the Greater than average Boob Finishing School and author of “The Preeminent Guide To Lovely Men” is an accomplished at training impressionable and big busted young sweethearts to treat fellows like kings. She makes no doubt of that sweet guys takes education and training. Lap-dance instruction is included in her manual.

Today, Voluptuous Eden is gonna acquire hands-on instruction in the art of lap-dancing. Michelle will be the teacher and Eden will play the scholar. Michelle believes that Eden can absorb Michelle’s lesson and learn to dance just as erotically as that babe can.

Michelle starts and removes her dancewear until this babe is fully nude. Her big hooters dangle and sway in Eden’s face. Eden’s turn is next and this babe copies Michelle, adding her own personal spin to her moves. Michelle approves. Eden has turned her on and that is the idea.

This is true hands-on stripping instruction. Eden has done well.

Michelle compliments Eden on her special unveil and one as well as the other hotty’s kiss on the lips to end the lesson.

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