Micky Bells – Bells Are Swinging

Bells Are Swinging

Bells Are Swinging

Micky’s pantoons have grown massively since her pregnancy. Here she comes clean and cums. That is what we adore about Micky. That babe shares the wealth.

It is a long way from her formative years when she was teased by the lads in her neighborhood. This day, those same men jack to Micky’s clips and pictures.

“I would wear a white, collared shirt that was buttoned all the way up to my neck and jeans,” remembered Micky. “Or I wore very greater than average sweaters. I’d try and wear taut bras that poked my boobies down so they would not look so big when I wore tighter clothing. Since I was the only gal with bigger in size than run of the mill melons, I tried to hide ’em so that I would look love everyone else. Now, I feel priceless about them. I guess they make me look adore a lady and I appreciate them a lot now.”

And we’re better guys for it.

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